It is not forever!!Ā 

There are times when our feet tremble.. When we doesn’t see what future holds for us.. And when we lose all our hope.

And yes.. Still we need to stay strong with our heads up and spirits high. A usual day can anytime turn into a disappointment and we might take days to accept that disappointment. It happens when we see no reason to move forward..when we doesn’t find any good reason to even wake up and start our day..but it is only then when we can either stand up and fight or fall down to never stand up again.

It could be anything which shakes our lives completely..after all life is certainly not monotonous and it changes at every corner. It is us who can either make ourselves or break ourselves. Certain situations in life forces us to mourn and drive us into utter depression and we might feel completely helpless but then it is our inner strength which needs to be shaken in order to make us what we are today or what we are destined to be in future. It is quite difficult to decide to stand up against all the odds and fight.. But this is the only difficult step of the overall fight. Once we decide to get up and give it a try, it is nothing which can stop us. The will power is a big thing, once recognised it will always make us go through anything and everything. We need to understand that life doesn’t promises to be good and jolly all the time. Life is pretty unfair and the fact is that we have to deal with everything that life throws at us. It is important to get ourselves through all the difficult days to reach to a point where we will be proud of ourselves because of the journey we led. Yes it is not easy for others to understand your pain and difficulties, but it is indeed fortunate if others even provides a minimal support in your journey of these hard times. It is important to appreciate the bad days in our lives as it somehow brings out the best out of us. Bad days certainly changes your personality into a stronger one.

It is always easy to fall down and refuse to get up. It is easy to make up your mind to not fight with the problems. It is easy to mourn and complain about life.  But what takes actual courage is holding all the broken pieces together, keeping faith in your own self, moving forward with all the strength we possess, fighting with all the disappointments and dark days of our lives and finally getting ourselves released from this phase of life as a true warrior. We all possess the courage to at least attempt to get our own selves out of this pit of darkness. Identify your own abilities required to get you out of it, share it with friends and family, enjoy the company of loved ones, try not to overlook the little happiness and love that hovers around you. Sometimes the love and care of your special ones is all you need to waken up your strength to fight.

It would be a feeling of actual bliss when we will finally get to the brighter phase of life. Yes it is difficult but it is certainly worth a try for a much much brighter and happier phase of life which awaits us. Trust the inner strength you possess and that is all you need. The future happier you will appreciate your present will power to fight the present bad days with all what you have. Remember that this despair is not forever. And it will be a feeling of immense pleasure in the future. Just hold on to time and trust in your own self. It will all pass one fine day and all will fall into place.. Exactly how you wanted things to be. šŸ˜Š


Absolute happiness…even at the mere thought of it..CHILDHOOD

I have often heard people talking about how childhood was the bestest phase of their life..and totally agreed on this..indeed it was and probably will always remain the best chapter of our lives

What makes it so different from other times?? Its complete simplicity and innocence

That time of our life when the biggest deal of the day was to think of what to play next and how to invent a new game altogether…ohh those days…those lovely memories keep me going through thick and thin.

No one in this world could be a better teacher than our very own childhood. It taught us alot in lot different ways..friendships were madeā€¦ nature was explored to its best through all those games we inventedā€¦ the play time was our favourite time…and even home was yet another playground at those times..

We learnt to explore without thinking much..we learnt to stay happy in what we had…we learnt being satisfied with all we got..we learnt to be joyful and learnt to enjoy each and every bit of a moment to its fullest…being selfless. Being happyā€¦ more often being happy without big reasons was the golden partā€¦

Yes,maybe all of us do not have the same kind of a childhood but thats what i remember when i think of it every now and then. In my teens i probably never missed my childhood much as i do now in my twenties.. Maybe coz being in our twenties is a real changes our life upside down. Major changes occur.. New goals…a whole new perception of life and changes in our maturity level with each passing birthday..

In the midst of these speedy changes I do miss those carefree days as i think it is the only way out to divert my mind from the daily chaos and tensions. Looking at life at present makes me wonder about my ownself who became a completely changed person. Changes are good though, but somehow i prefer not being changed..i prefer being the same but… as we all have heard about an universal truth that nothing is constant except change…it is quite impossible to live my dream of being the same all my life..and these changes are the probable triggers of all these throwbacks of childhood.

But whatever it is…i simply love keeping my thoughts hovering around my childhood whenever i get an opportunityā€¦ It indeed keeps my mind afresh and helps me keep going…those innocent or not so innocent memories which were thoughtless at that time are much more of lessons of life at this time…i so loved the precious and beautiful days i once had..

School…friends…summer evenings..rainy days…hot afternoons with frnds playing and getting tanned without caring much…stapoo…galleryā€¦. Hide and seekā€¦ art and craftā€¦carrom… statue and release and what not..our special birthday parties which could never be faded and replaced by the present day birthday parties were also one of the bestest parts…all what we loved…the way we loved…games might differ but the ways were sameā€¦

Getting scolded at homeā€¦ crying and feeling bad for small things…dreading to go to school each day…then enjoying that too..we literally dreamt of growing up faster at that time…god knows what made us so curious to grow up. And once we are here,all grown up..then bang!!.. We now want to live those years all over again and not wanting to grow up ever. Life was simply beautiful and lovely back then. Though i cannot deny that life is being pretty good now too but nothing in the world can match the level of happiness and tension free lives we had in those lovely timesā€¦ yeah the only tension we had being a child was not being able to complete our homeworks on time which could possibly lead to cutting off our playtime..ohh that made me soo tensed and worried..those were the dreadful days.. And comparing those tensions with the ones I now have makes me realize the importance of cherishing those moments all my life..

Life was simple back complexity at all :).. But then this is what reality is made of..changes šŸ™‚

Thank goodness i had a memorable childhood which at times will help me deal with the issues which are capable of bothering the peace of my is good to remember that we all had the best of days once in our lifetime and cherishing them every now and then would be the best we can do to try keeping up with all these changes

So lighten up…stay connected with your inner child..let those days be the light in your tough times..let the smile sustain on your face when you cherish the moments.. Let yourself be dissolved in those precious days once again.. Ā Let your mind learn lessons from your juniour inner self and let us not regret a single moment of life we had. Coz that is what our book of memories is filled up with…smile or rather laugh off all the stress and worries only for a moment and thenā€¦.. STATUE šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€

….And here comes happiness :-)

A Day Filled With Exhaution …Work Loadā€¦Busy Scheduleā€¦And Tirednessā€¦Ends With The Monotonous Consumption And Debilitation. In Midst Of This Monotony comes a Moment When We Actually Wonder That Where Does Our Happiness Lay?…This Moment Does’nt lasts longer than a minute or soā€¦but where can we get our actual blissness , satisfaction and joy? it in huge money or in our big jobs?…or does it lie in all the fame we have or we donā€™t.
I guess only few people are aware of true happinessā€¦the true meaning of cheerfulness and vivacityā€¦or may be more than a few..DIFFERENT PEOPLEā€¦DIFFERENT PERCEPTIONS . Though some of these answers do amaze me.
I once asked a young boy that what is happiness for himā€¦..he calm as ever answered ā€œA genuine smile on my momā€™s faceā€. The guy was a patient of Leukemia at the age of just 17 and was admitted since last one year. He was dying.He knew heā€™ll not survive.but this dinā€™t bother himā€¦his face showed the willingness to endure his disease. The only thing which made him worry was the crease of tension across her motherā€™s forehead. He was a wonderful friend and more than that he was a wonderful son. I still remember the last day of his consciousness when he patiently wished for one thing from me..his motherā€™s smile..that brought me to shed a tear , although during the last few moments of his life was left he was happy and content. Because he saw his mother smiling at him before he lost himself to unconsciousness and helplessness which came along with the disease he suffered from.
This was the incident which truly left me astonished and  explained me that happiness does not lay in big thingsā€¦it is not in living a long life. It actually lies in a living the best life till you have it. It is in the things which makes us full with the feeling of being content and cheerful. This may differ with people
loveā€¦friendship ā€¦familyā€¦natureā€¦shoppingā€¦blossomsā€¦The ā€˜MEā€™ timeā€¦freedomā€¦determinationā€¦high aims and dreams.
Anything and everything we come across in our daily life can bring us happiness. For instance the cry of a new bornā€¦the smileā€¦and you being the reason for that smileā€¦our first crushā€¦falling in true love for the first timeā€¦our first jobā€¦our first salary…that awesome feeling when our parents are proud of usā€¦the job of our choiceā€¦appreciation..good evening with our best friends..finding a long lost days..memoriesā€¦memories bringing a smile on our face.
Happiness lies in these small but huge enough things to give birth to a smile. A smile, if contagious, can definitely be the reason for someone elseā€™s smile too. You never know when you can actually make the day for others. With happiness comes quality of workā€¦a smile and feeling content is directly proportionate to the work we do.
So, at the matter how monotonous and tiring the day is..donā€™t just let it goā€¦rather live it off  in a better way. Find happiness before sadness and frustration overcomes our soul. Let the littlest things be our source of a smile and lets make our smile contagious enough because no reason is huge enough to make you sad as ever. There is a bit of happiness in every situation and our busy schedules we are always in search of satisfaction and happinessā€¦SO Liveā€¦loveā€¦laugh…Be confident…And here comes the  happiness!!

Live love dream :)